Our machines


Our equipment

Modern CNC machines enable us to process even the most demanding elements.
CNC milling machines Max. dimensions
Hartford DM 100 (3 Osie)2200x1650x1300
TRIMILL VC1614 (3 Osie)2000x1200x800
Mikron VCE 1600 (3 Osie)1600x900x800
Hurco VMX 50T (3 Osie)1500x660x610
Hurco VMX 42 (3 Osie)1270x610x610
DMG DMC63V (3 Osie)630x500x500
Correa CF-20 (3+2 Osie)2000x900x800
Parpas PHS-920 (5 osi)2100x850x500
Wiertarka Degen UTB100H (4+1 Osi)1300×800 gł.w. 2000
MAKINO V80S (5 osi)1300x1000x600
Electrode milling machines Max. dimensions
Roeders RFM-760 (3 Osie)- 2 szt850x550x400
Hardinge VMC600 (3 Osie)600x500x500

Erosion and conventional machines

Erosion machines Max. dimensions
Ingersoll IG1300E1300x2200x730
Ingersoll Gantry 10001000x1600x550
Exeron 305900x1500x500
Exeron 313MF620x420x400
Conventional machines
Lathe Poreba TR 1000
Lathe TUR
Lathe Voestapline
Grinder Degen
Grinder Elb
Grinder Jotes SPC-20b
Milling machine MAHO

Modern injection molding machines

We provide our clients with full service both in the field of production of plastic details and tests of molds entrusted to be made in our tool room. We specialize in the processing of technical plastics.
Injection molding machinesStrength
Tederic TRX 650650T
HXM 330T330T
Arburg 520C200T
Arburg 470C100T

We create for well-known and respected brands from around the world.

We create technical elements, household appliances, thin-walled packaging, toys. We worked for the automotive, defense, lighting and gardening industries. We also created laboratory equipment and furniture accessories.